Upside Down ~ Sunshine for Rainy Days 

Orangefield, Belfast | N.Ireland

That last blog was pretty intense, so let’s lighten the tone a bit! There are 5 things that have defined my life. My Christian faith, music, the woman who married me (the greatest blessing God has…

Freedom's Slave ~ Sunshine for Rainy Days 

Kingston Jamaica  |  Newry, Co. Down  | Shankill & New Lodge, N. Belfast  

Can you remember where you were during the first Gulf War? I was working in a church community project, the Mel Nathan institute, Hannah town, Kingston Jamaica…

We Will See ~ Sunshine for Rainy Days 

Dugort, Achill Island  |  Ireland

I’ve always thought of misty, shadowy West of Ireland weather as gloomy or mysterious. It wasn’t until I read CS Lewis on the difference between half light (Nordic) & full light (Mediterranean) beauty that I…

Pentecost! ~ Sunshine for Rainy Days

Orangefield, Belfast | N.Ireland

Probably the most fun part of my church life has been doing youth work. I love kids’ work, but youth work was my primary degree & first paid job. So, when I stepped away from that…

Christmas on the Beach ~ Sunshine For Rainy Days 

Victoria Falls, Zambia  |  Lisnabreeny, Belfast


She: Why are all your songs so serious? Couldn’t you just write something fun for a change? (If you’re happily married after 25 years, you can have a level of candour that would have

Laughing & Crying ~ Sunshine for Rainy Days 

Newry, Co. Down | N.Ireland


Writing songs starts here….
  Sunshine for rainy days

I’ve been songwriting since I was 15, maybe earlier. My mum used to say I was singing complete songs before my second birthday, before I could structure…

Jacob’s Ladder ~ Sunshine For Rainy Days 

Orangefield, Belfast | N.Ireland

Most musicians have a tune they unconsciously turn to if they’re bored waiting for a practice to start. Or maybe they’re a bit nervous and need to auto pilot to reassure themselves they can still play…

Sun & Rain ~ Sunshine for Rainy Days 

Le Pas Opton, Vendee | France

I L-O-V-E summer in France, they really are a blessed nation.

They’ve got the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the Pyrenees, the Alps, great rivers, varied countryside, magnificent villages & chateaux, rich street music, style, speciality…

Still Only One Way ~ Sunshine for Rainy days 

Track 2: ‘Sunshine for Rainy Days’, Our debut album cover,
from an anonymous encourager on a Glasgow street wall.

Life is great, BUT, there are a few things about the cultural momentum in ‘The West’ that irritate me, one or…