1. Upside Down

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6.Upside Down
Dave Whitcroft © 2019 KDMusic
Luke 19: 1-10

I’m a shady guy as you can see,
Not - much- liked- by my fam-il-y,
Tax my neighbours for the enemy,
Then I take, the same amount for me.
A teacher came to town from Galilee,
so I climbed a tree to see and not be seen

Upside down, He turned my world upside down,
He turned my wrong into a right,
He turned my darkness into light,
He turned it upside down.

Jesus stopped!…. and look right past that crowd, He said
“Zacchaeus, come down here right now”
“I have business at your house tonight,
that will set your frozen heart alight”
He told me to repent and follow Him,
then pay back what I’d stolen from my friends.

Upside down,…………..

Well I paid back four times what I owed,
an’ released my heart from a heavy load,
So although I’m small, I can now walk tall,
I’ve been shown the way that’s the best of all,
It’s better now to give than to receive,
And obeyin’ Him has truly, set me free

Upside down,……. X2 repeat last line at end.

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