KDMusic is a collaboration between singer~songwriter Dave Whitcroft and his musician friends from N.Ireland.  Between them they've served in the UK, Europe, North America, Southern Africa & SE Asia.

Dave is a songwriter & guitarist from the sunny side of the Mourne Mountains, Co.Down. Growing up, he absorbed folk sessions in the west of Ireland, played in bands & in his church. His musical journey is inseparable from the Christian faith that pursued & captivated him since his teens.  

" Like many of you, I understand how music & worship are a lifeline in hard times.  My parents both had brain injuries from a road traffic accident when I was 15. I was responsible for their care for the next 30yrs.  So I have a real soft spot for kids who have to grow up quickly and care for their parents. My first job was as an 'Interface' youth worker in North Belfast during 'The Troubles'.  So, I love writing songs about how God shares our tears as well as our joy.  With God as our Father, even when it's really tough, joy is the new 'backdrop' for life's adventures. "

Since then, he has looked after children's,  youth, & finally worship ministries in his local church in Belfast.  He is happily married, with 3 children, and really values celebration & fun music alongside the more serious material he writes. The songs highlighted on this website have been written in and for that ordinary local church.

"Whatever we're going through,  there's a song for that moment ~ and nothing beats singing it as one, big, shared voice".

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CROSSRHYTHMS  “ Really something special .....demands play after play..   CCM album of the year so far”                                                                         LOUDER THAN THE MUSIC  "Like no other album out there at the minute, a real triumph, it works & I love it!"                                                                           THEBEREANTEST.COM  The Grace 10/10 ~ oozes with Scriptural depth and agreement                         

JESUS FREAK HIDEOUT   "Terrific sounding album...deserving serious airplay"                                  

 DOWN AT THE CROSSROADS Gorgeous, atmospheric melodies

THE BEREANTEST.COM  Freedom's Slave ~ 10/10 for corporate worship