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Dave Whitcroft | KDMusic

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Dave Whitcroft, is a guitarist & songwriter from the sunny side of the Mourne Mountains, N.Ireland.

KDMusic is his collaboration with musician friends from regional Christian events ~ between them they've served in the UK, Europe, North America, Southern Africa & SE Asia (but not all together!)

Dave says "Music is the oxygen I need to work through how faith meets everyday life. I'm a singer-songwriter, a storyteller at heart."

You'll find songs about joy & longing, celebration & loss, alongside worship music for all generations.  KDMusic's 'Eclectic gospel' blends a wide range of styles built around folk, rock & blues guitar.

If you like instrumental finger-style guitar, check out, 'Holy Mountain' released through Rhodium Publishing, New York, under Dave Whitcroft


Press photos

Dave Whitcroft ~ Lead Vocal & Songwriter

Gillian Brown ~ Lead Vocalist

Ian Hannah ~ Composer & pianist