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These songs are listed by date, starting September, to help you plan your church year.

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Is a new hymn to a delicate, captivating melody, reminiscent of timeless Irish tunes. The lyrics draw widely from scripture ~ pondering how our ordinary days, the seasons of a stressed creation & the years of human history relate to eternity in the hands of the Lord, the Ancient of Days. This gentle worship song in 6/8 uses a congregational key (C) and tempo (93 bpm).


Days, Seasons, Years, History, Creation, Providence, Glory, Crown, Sacrifice, Offering, Praise, Prayer,  Ancient of Days, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Trinity, The Cross, The Day of the Lord.


Romans 8, Philippians 3, Romans 13, 1 Thess 5, Daniel 7,  Romans 9, 1 Cor 3;13-15,  Psalm 139,  Genesis 3  Deut 6:8, James 1:12, Philippians 2:5

May My Days Be A Temple of Praise - Worship Bundle
  • May My Days Be A Temple of Praise - Worship Bundle

May My Days Be A Temple of Praise - Worship Bundle

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1. ALL YEAR   Closing Song & The Trinity  

  “THE GRACE. One of the most common phrases spoken by Christians globally, and yet there are just a few, short, sung versions. This new song really unpacks THE GRACE in all it’s theological depth, Trinitarian focus, & power for mutual blessing ~ It is a gift to the church.”  David Montgomery ~ IFES Europe  

New closing benediction from 2nd Corinthians 13:14.

Themes: Adoption Trinity Benediction Love Grace Fellowship Gospel Recessional Father Son Spirit


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