Latest Release ~ The Grace

THE GRACE. One of the most common phrases spoken by Christians globally, and yet there are just a few, short, sung versions. This new song really unpacks THE GRACE in all it’s theological depth, Trinitarian focus, & power for mutual blessing ~ It is a gift to the church.”

— David Montgomery ~ IFES Europe

Story behind the Song

THE GRACE is a new worship song with an easily learned, compelling melody to help you & your community sing the Benediction or "The Grace" from 2 Corinthians 13. It uses a familiar structure and  joyful Irish melody lines. There are three verses on; The love of the Father, The grace of the Son & the fellowship of the Spirit. If you want an individual to sing this powerful blessing over your people, there's an optional solo at the end ( to a different melody ) that sticks faithfully to the words of the passage.

" Initial inspiration for THE GRACE was this episode of BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs with England footballer Ian Wright. His clear love for teacher & father figure Mr Pigden, a retired WWII Spitfire pilot, moved many people to tears. It reminded us of our own experience of God as  adoptive Father with Jesus as our hero & brother. However, it just missed out on the sense of new life through the Fellowship of the Spirit, so we were inevitably drawn to write the song as an exposition of this much loved benediction."

THE GRACE is written by Ian Hannah & Dave Whitcroft from the music team of Keswick at Portstewart, N.Ireland. Theological supervision & guidance is from Joe Kapolyo (Scripture Union & TCCA Zambia | All Nations Christian College, Hertfordshire | Harare Baptist, Zimbabwe | Edmonton Baptist, London).  Additional thanks to Steve Duncan (Echo Lake Bible Camp, BC Canada).

Scriptural sources include:  2 Corinthians 13  |  1 Corinthians 13  |  Hebrews 4  |  Ephesians 1 & 2  |  Romans 6  |  Romans 12   |  John 14  ~ and many others.

One of 4 songs to download

THE GRACE launches on streaming platforms 24 October.  Surprisingly, although there are many songs about the Old Testament 'Aaronic Blessing',  there are very few sharing the New Testament 'Benediction' from 2 Cor 13.   So, THE GRACE has the potential to be of regular help to ordinary churches & worshippers everywhere.                  

To launch THE GRACE, is offering everything associated with the song to download for free (even Master Tracks / STEMs), with the option to donate.  The same resources are available for 3 other songs: Freedom's Slave ~ a powerful Easter Hymn,  Pentecost! ~ A group celebration song for Pentecost, and Upside Down ~ A kids' story song about Jesus transforming Zacchaeus.    Together, these 4 songs can help  your whole community, choir or school, get used to singing again after the restrictions of recent years.  

Press / Reviews

CROSSRHYTHMS "Really something special...demands play after play...CCM album of the year so far"

LOUDER THAN THE MUSIC "Like no other album out there at the minute,  a real triumph, it works and I love it!"

JESUS FREAK HIDEOUT "Terrific sounding album...deserving serious airplay"

JUST JESUS MUSIC "Wonderful modern hymn, beautifully crafted"

Press kit

Dave Whitcroft | KDMusic

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Dave Whitcroft, is a guitarist & songwriter from the sunny side of the Mourne Mountains, N.Ireland.

KDMusic is his collaboration with musician friends from regional Christian events ~ between them they've served in the UK, Europe, North America, Southern Africa & SE Asia (but not all together!)

Dave says "Music is the oxygen I need to work through how faith meets everyday life. I'm a singer-songwriter, a storyteller at heart."

You'll find songs about joy & longing, celebration & loss, alongside worship music for all generations.  KDMusic's 'Eclectic gospel' blends a wide range of styles built around folk, rock & blues guitar.

If you like instrumental finger-style guitar, check out, 'Holy Mountain' released through Rhodium Publishing, New York, under Dave Whitcroft


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