Album: Sunshine For Rainy Days KDMusic © 2019


1. Freedom’s Slave (The Son of God to the cross has gone)
Dave Whitcroft, Arrangement: Dave Whitcroft & Ian Hannah ©2019 KDMusic

The Son of God to the cross has gone, His closest friends have scattered.
Triumphant welcomes distant fade, God’s earthly rule seems shattered.
Where, O God, is the justice here, for those who longed to follow?
The hope he offered drowns in tears, and heartless dawns tomorrow.

But wait, this tale has more to tell than force’s domination.
His light, of silent dignity shines through humiliation.
Death on Him is not imposed whose power exceeds all kingdoms.
Obedience to death he chose, A slave, to serve our freedom.

And now, this glorious Prince of Life does more than teach examples.
As He ascends to His throne above, all sin and hell lie trampled.
Where O death, is your victory, since Jesus overwhelmed you?
God’s silent revolution’ry, has once, for all, expelled you!

Come share the joy of an empty grave that fills to overflowing,
And face your fears in the certainty of your own resurrection.
Though our hearts are scarred and frail, through darkness he is leading,
To stand against His enemies, and enter life and healing.