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The Grace ~ Part 1 

‘I don’t know why He chose me’ - The Love of God 

As usual, I turned on the radio, and the BBC presenter was interviewing England football superstar, Ian Wright. By the end, thousands of people across the country were…

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Sun & Rain ~ Sunshine for Rainy Days 

Le Pas Opton, Vendee | France

I L-O-V-E summer in France, they really are a blessed nation.

They’ve got the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the Pyrenees, the Alps, great rivers, varied countryside, magnificent villages & chateaux, rich street music, style, speciality…

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Still Only One Way ~ Sunshine for Rainy days 

Track 2: ‘Sunshine for Rainy Days’, Our debut album cover,
from an anonymous encourager on a Glasgow street wall.

Life is great, BUT, there are a few things about the cultural momentum in ‘The West’ that irritate me, one or…

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